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Jan. 2nd, 2010

MTV's The Real World DC / Season 23, Episode 1 'Looks Can Be D.C.-ving' review

First things first.
For 23 years, each year, if I'm not mistaken, there used to be at least one gay guy in the group. A bisexual guy and a bisexual girl don't quite make it. I have to say, for me, it has been a tradition of some sort and without it, RW seems incomplete. Especially because of the symbolical political background of the season, it's hard not to feel omitted. It's almost as the producers gathered around and said, OK, so this time, we're going political. It's important. Obviously, gays aren't. I mean, they have no rights in this country, how could we put them in the season? But that's not the only problem I have with the cast. All of these people seem absolutely generic, absolutely transparent, no personality whatsoever. There's a jock, a dork, a black jock, a badass, an idiot that doesn't know how to read a map or to pick a political side, a female badass, a tomboy girl slash Obama fan, and the one from Missouri. And that's that.

Firstly, here's the rundown of the people in the house.

Andrew is the one who's going to rape all the ladies in the house. He's also an idiot. I believe he used the word 'laid' about 10 times in the first 30 minutes of the show, 'laid' as in 'I'm so going to get laid in the house'. There could NOT be a more annoying person in the whole USA. He has too much personality.
He's also not a racist ('I'm a basketball fan! You can't be racist and not like basketball' as he states it) but Ty will prove him wrong by beating his idiot ass one day. According to the previews, he's going to suffer from a serious head injury later this season, which instantly became my primal reason for watching the show.
He's also a virgin. As Ashley put it: I don't believe he's ever had sex. I mean, who would like to have sex with somebody who wears a panda hat?
I find the panda hat the least annoying thing about Andrew.

Ashley seems like the smartest one at first, but later, when she's choosing the rooms, it's clear that it's not the portraits of past US presidents that help her make the decisions, but the colors of the walls, showing how amazingly superficial she is. Ashley has also no idea about fashion; she says of Andrew, who's wearing jeans and a tee, 'he's got style'.

Callie is the absolute moron. She doesn't know how to read a map. She just doesn't. She says that worst comes to worst, she's just going to go round in circles until she finds the house. For a second there I hoped it would come to that; all 5 people have found the place, but Callie walks around DC in search of the house until the very last episode of the season.

Ty is the black jock with a dark past. He's going to get laid a lot (as opposed to Andrew, who's only going to get a bj from drunk Callie at the very best) because he's black, and all the ladies in the house seem to have a jungle fever. Slept with 45 people. Ty also doesn't believe in God, which sparks a flame between him and Mike, which is later put out when Ty accepts Mike's bisexuality.

Josh is the tough one. He's going to have an affair with Erika, because the both have tattoos. He's also the second annoying one after Andrew. By the way, Andrew is scared of him. He's the oldest one in the house, at 23. He's the most troubled one and he's the one who's going to get busted first for substance abuse.

Emily is the one from Missouri. She's going to sleep with Ty first, or a girl, because she's bi. And we all know what happens to bisexual girls: they never show their orientation unless they're in a hot tub with other girls and an amount of alcohol in their blood that could kill a small elephant. Emily will also believe anything you tell her, including the fact that Andrew is a cage-fighter.

Erika is the one who's going to sleep around with everyone -including the girls- while drunk, trash the house while drunk, and generally be a trouble maker when drunk. She loves tattoos, rock and roll and boys. I'm pretty sure drugs are mixed in somewhere there, too. She's the female version of Josh, only with good hair.

Mike is your typical white jock type. He plays sports, wear flip-flops, jeans and A&F tees. He's probably smarter than you think, but we're going to have to wait to see that. He's also bisexual, and in his case, he's going to end up on the boys' side.

It's kind of sad that the producers decided to use ridiculously flat-minded people to make a statement about the generation and its views of politics in the country. It almost feels like a joke, but no-one's laughing; these are the people who will some day make significant decisions about the future of their country. As Mike put it: "It's kinda fun to watch Ashley go through the rooms...She'd look at the colors first, and then she'll look at the bed, and then she'll look which president's on the wall". Which pretty much sums it up.

Feb. 18th, 2009

It has been one of these days.

You know. The day when nothing feels right, and you feel constant irritation towards everything. It's like PMS without a vagina. And then you end up having something I call a whatever feeling, which is pretty much, well, feeling whatever.
This morning has been extremely creative, I've been pulling ideas out of my ass like crazy, and I kept listening to Madonna all day. The same song on loop, like some kind of a crazy old bastardo.
I discovered new layer of fat on my stomach - gave up wii fitting.
I'm getting addicted to the new 7UP antioxidant cherry soda. I love it especially with vodka, which brings me to a question, what happens to the goodness of the antioxidant when mixed with booze? Does it die? Or does it gets stronger (you never know)? Gotta google that tomorrow.
Unless you know, then share your wisdom.

Feb. 15th, 2009

DSPS, I Has it.

Yup. I hate it.
I think sleeping is something human race should definitely evolve past. Everyday it's the same. Around 2-3am I begin to feel guilty that I'm not in bed. I will feel even more guilty after sleeping in till 2pm tomorrow. And even if I try to go to bed early, I won't be able to fall asleep till 4 or 5. It's pointless.
So the other day I stumbled upon this short article on DSPS (Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome) and I think I have it. I mean most definitely, I have it. Told my mom. She denied it. She is a doctor and therefore the alpha and the omega of all the medicine-related queries in my life. She is the first and the last word on these things.
Of course, my boyfriend's sleeping is not really helping. But it's mostly the DSPS thing.